All classes are designed with a focus in mind for the individual client. If your goal is to have fun in a group setting or change the way your body looks and performs then we have an option for you.

Peak Strength

The Peak Strength classes have the perfect blend of a detailed, periodised strength program alongside metabolic conditioning workouts to ensure athlete’s are getting the best of both worlds. If strength development is more a priority then these are the perfect classes for you.


Peak Boxing

This class is a mixture of Boxing drills with some HIT circuits and Core Work. Perfect class for all level who are looking to get Cardiovascular Fit.


Olympic Weightlifting

Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are aimed at improving two of the most technically difficult lifts, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This class will also give you the skills and drills required to help you improve and expose you to the amazing sport of Olympic Weightlifting itself.


Peak Technique

This is a session designed for anyone that wants to improve their technique in any lifts be it Squats, Deadlifts, Rows, Snatch, C&J, or any compound movements within your program. Suitable for all levels.


Peak Conditioning

This Peak Conditioning class is a high-Low intensity class incorporating ,Shuttle runs,Med Balls,Battle Ropes,Body Weight Drills and many more. Great weekend class to get a good sweat on.


Get UP Get Lean

More than just a circuit class! High intensity-Low Intensity interval training with short breaks between each station of metabolic exercises with a few added cardio “shocks” thrown in. Expect a range of exercises and equipment to work every muscle in your body.

Program Includes
1. Full nutrition Program and coaching throughout
2. Bi Weekly Weigh ins and Body Composition Measurements
3. Monthly Progress Photos
4. Nutrition Social media Forum For all Members
5. Nutrition Q&A Sessions each 6 weeks with the Coaches