All classes are designed with a focus in mind for the individual client. If your goal is to have fun in a group setting or change the way your body looks and performs then we have an option for you.

Peak Strength

The Peak Strength classes have the perfect blend of a detailed, periodised strength program alongside metabolic conditioning workouts to ensure athlete’s are getting the best of both worlds. If strength development is more a priority then these are the perfect classes for you.


Peak Combat

This class is a mixture of Boxing drills with some HIT circuits and Core Work. Perfect class for all level who are looking to get Cardiovascular Fit.


Peak Output

This is a session designed for anyone that wants to improve their technique in any lifts be it Squats, Deadlifts, Rows, Snatch, C&J, or any compound movements within your program. Suitable for all levels.


Peak Conditioning

This Peak Conditioning class is a high-Low intensity class incorporating ,Shuttle runs,Med Balls,Battle Ropes,Body Weight Drills and many more. Great weekend class to get a good sweat on.