I feel more confident in myself as a result of weight loss and support

When I first stepped foot in Peak performance I was unsure and anxious about what to expect but I was made feel very welcome and comfortable by Bobby from the outset. My first impression was how much knowledge Bobby had about nutrition, mindset and goal setting and I knew that this was the place for me. My main goal was to lose weight and tone up.

For the past three years, I have battled a brain tumour, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and was very out of shape going into peak performance. Initially, Bobby set up a nutrition and gym plan over the course of 10 weeks which was perfect for me.

The plan was for 10 weeks and I had some balance and coordination issues as a result of the brain surgery which Bobby took into account when assisting me at the classes. I can honestly say both have improved dramatically with a lot of perseverance and help from Bobby.

Making the decision to join Peak performance was just what I needed. I feel more confident in myself as a result of weight loss and support, motivation from Bobby and I’m looking forward to continuing and progressing with Bobby and the peak performance team.


Peak Performance were very supportive

We’d like to give a special thanks to Bobby and his team at Peak Performance. Not only does the gym have a great training environment, but for me having to rush in and out before doing the morning school run its open at 6am which was perfect.
All at Peak were very supportive in my prep which gave me the little boost I needed my coach was killing me with the diet. Also thanks for the awesome tops!

Bobby explained everything in a detailed meeting before I started

In January i started a 10-week meal plan with Bobby and joined the gym. As a person who mostly done cardio, I wanted to try something new. In my head, I was eating enough even though I knew deep down at under 1000 calories a day I wasn’t but my knowledge of food was so bad. Bobby started me on 1500 calories which I was nervous about as I thought I’d gain weight. But I loved the food instantly. Bobby explained everything in a detailed meeting before I started. What I loved the most was that I hadn’t a clue about weights prior to joining peak. And no matter how busy the gym is Bobby and Vinny will always keep an eye on you and show you the correct techniques.

The other thing that impressed me was every Sat morning for 10 weeks I got a reminder from Bobby to check in which I done before Sunday night. Because I work long days Bobby used give me his feedback between half 7 and 8 every Monday morning. Never later. This was great as it set me up for the week. Even though the 10 weeks is over I’m meeting with Bobby again this Sunday as he can advise me further on food. It shows how much he cares even after I’m finished. On the scales I’m still the same and this time 3 months ago this would have bothered me but now taking my pictures once a week I can see the changes in my body and I never feel bloated. I’m very happy I joined peak performance last January and continue to keep it up with Bobby’s watchful eye.


Top quality advice and training

On completion of my recent photoshoot, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my longtime coach Bobby Enright.  Bobby always checked in with me every day to ensure that I was meeting my everyday personal goals and my overall goal of maintaining a healthy weight and constantly working on building and increasing my muscle mass during the past weeks of preparation.

I could contact Bobby at any time and on a daily basis, he would make the required adjustments to meet my individual needs such as increasing calorie/macro intake and Bobby assisted me during training sessions with proper technique and provided top quality advice.

Bobby was approachable and available at all times in the week leading up to the photoshoot, which completely alleviated any anxieties. He was present during the whole photoshoot encouraging and educating me every step of the way.

The past 18 months have been personally very difficult for my family and I especially with caring for my son Frankie through cancer treatment.  Having a high level of support, guidance and friendship with Bobby and all in peak performance have helped me be strong to cope and face my current personal struggles.


I would highly recommend both Bobby and Peak Performance for anyone

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 weeks since I walked up the stairs to have my first consultation with Bobby of Peak Performance.

From the moment I met Bobby I knew he was on my side, that he understood what I wanted to achieve and that he would never judge me or knock my confidence.

I was after having a horrible 12 months with a breast cancer diagnosis and a double mastectomy and I was also carrying a glute injury but this didn’t stop him having faith in me.

I initially signed up for 2 personal training sessions a week for 12 weeks and after a few weeks I was delighted with the difference and results I saw in the pics which he had taken on day one. This drove me on and I found myself getting stronger and looking forward to the sessions each week. Bobby made sure that my nutrition was looked after with a tailored plan which enabled me to lose the weight slowly and safely while increasing the intensity of my workouts and also including 3 cardio sessions weekly also. The daily tracking of weight, stress, sleep and macros is so beneficial as is the weekly check in and kind words of encouragement from Bobby.
I am delighted with the results so far and have already signed up for another 12 weeks of personal training.

I would highly recommend both Bobby and Peak Performance for anyone who is thinking of starting out on a fitness journey. It is such a welcoming environment and very friendly warm staff. Bobby’s knowledge of nutrition is second to none, as is his knowledge of fitness and training. He knows how to get the best out of his clients with encouragement and kind words.
This journey has only started for me and is a brand new chapter in what I hope is a long and healthy life.


Perfect guidance and the highest knowledge and professionalism

I visit the gym for 1 hour, 2 to 3 days a week. Im sorry I can’t do more, but I always look forward to my next training session. I am on a “diet program”, which I don’t take too seriously but do what needs to be done. This time around, I am sure it will stick with me for my entire life! I stopped thinking about my health problems and started really enjoy this whole “fitness thing”. It has turned out to be a part of me, and large one at that!

After the first week of PT I already felt a difference in my body. After 3 months I knew wasn’t going to stop again. It was like magic! A few days ago I was actually wondering “how the hell did I, a person who didn’t want to have anything to do with a gym, fitness or diets, get here?” Motivation built from RESULTS.  These results come from the absolute perfect guidance, and from the highest knowledge and professionalism.



You are making an investment in yourself, you will not regret it

When I first met Bobby, I felt straight away that he knew what he was talking about in regards to training, nutrition, recovery and how it all works together. He has a calm presence about him that transfers over to his coaching and any advise or tips he gives me. He is a coach that I had been looking for all my life. I can see physically and mentally the benefits of training with a professional coach. He is a highly motivated coach, his approach is professional, structured, motivating and he wants to help me learn and eventually be self-sufficient myself in my training and nutrition.

If you are thinking of contacting him, I would urge you to make that step, you are making an investment in yourself, you will not regret it.