Mags Beckett

Top quality advice and training

On completion of my recent photoshoot, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my longtime coach Bobby Enright.  Bobby always checked in with me every day to ensure that I was meeting my everyday personal goals and my overall goal of maintaining a healthy weight and constantly working on building and increasing my muscle mass during the past weeks of preparation.

I could contact Bobby at any time and on a daily basis, he would make the required adjustments to meet my individual needs such as increasing calorie/macro intake and Bobby assisted me during training sessions with proper technique and provided top quality advice.

Bobby was approachable and available at all times in the week leading up to the photoshoot, which completely alleviated any anxieties. He was present during the whole photoshoot encouraging and educating me every step of the way.

The past 18 months have been personally very difficult for my family and I especially with caring for my son Frankie through cancer treatment.  Having a high level of support, guidance and friendship with Bobby and all in peak performance have helped me be strong to cope and face my current personal struggles.

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