Orlaith Monks

I would highly recommend both Bobby and Peak Performance for anyone

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 weeks since I walked up the stairs to have my first consultation with Bobby of Peak Performance.

From the moment I met Bobby I knew he was on my side, that he understood what I wanted to achieve and that he would never judge me or knock my confidence.

I was after having a horrible 12 months with a breast cancer diagnosis and a double mastectomy and I was also carrying a glute injury but this didn’t stop him having faith in me.

I initially signed up for 2 personal training sessions a week for 12 weeks and after a few weeks I was delighted with the difference and results I saw in the pics which he had taken on day one. This drove me on and I found myself getting stronger and looking forward to the sessions each week. Bobby made sure that my nutrition was looked after with a tailored plan which enabled me to lose the weight slowly and safely while increasing the intensity of my workouts and also including 3 cardio sessions weekly also. The daily tracking of weight, stress, sleep and macros is so beneficial as is the weekly check in and kind words of encouragement from Bobby.
I am delighted with the results so far and have already signed up for another 12 weeks of personal training.

I would highly recommend both Bobby and Peak Performance for anyone who is thinking of starting out on a fitness journey. It is such a welcoming environment and very friendly warm staff. Bobby’s knowledge of nutrition is second to none, as is his knowledge of fitness and training. He knows how to get the best out of his clients with encouragement and kind words.
This journey has only started for me and is a brand new chapter in what I hope is a long and healthy life.

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