Brendan Kissane

 I feel more confident in myself as a result of weight loss and support

When I first stepped foot in Peak performance I was unsure and anxious about what to expect but I was made feel very welcome and comfortable by Bobby from the outset. My first impression was how much knowledge Bobby had about nutrition, mindset and goal setting and I knew that this was the place for me. My main goal was to lose weight and tone up.

For the past three years, I have battled a brain tumour, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and was very out of shape going into peak performance. Initially, Bobby set up a nutrition and gym plan over the course of 10 weeks which was perfect for me.

The plan was for 10 weeks and I had some balance and coordination issues as a result of the brain surgery which Bobby took into account when assisting me at the classes. I can honestly say both have improved dramatically with a lot of perseverance and help from Bobby.

Making the decision to join Peak performance was just what I needed. I feel more confident in myself as a result of weight loss and support, motivation from Bobby and I’m looking forward to continuing and progressing with Bobby and the peak performance team.

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