Peak Transformation Program

Peak Performance Academy’s Peak Transformation Program is a 12 week program designed for people who have struggled all of their lives to lose weight successfully and keep it off. A true education program to empower you to be your best self.

Overview Of Program

Nutrition Program

  • Do you continually struggle to lose or keep weight off?
  • Are you unable to sustain motivation to reach the look you long for?
  • Perhaps you are a bit lost when it comes to knowing what exercises are ‘right’ for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above then our new Peak Transformation Program is right up your street!  We’ve designed a program to help those feeling like they’re fighting a losing battle.

  1. Let us explain which exercises are best to tone and strengthen and how to execute them correctly.
  2. Let us show you the conditioning work needed to trim down to a healthier body.
  3. And let us simplify what and how to eat for the future to help you maintain that perfect balance.

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For 12 weeks we’ll guide you through the programme

Personalized nutrition and conditioning plans

You’ll receive personalized nutrition and conditioning plans along with 3 months gym membership FREE to manage your conditioning sessions at a time which suits you.

Group Training

You’ll participate in fully coached group weight training sessions and learn how to maximize output from your workouts.

Body analysis and tracking

You’ll not only be monitored physically throughout by means of body analysis but on this program we’ll ensure your mind stays on track too!

Psychological Coaching

We are thrilled to announce ‘A New Vision’ Personal Development and Psychological Coaching will unite with us to provide psychological support to help create and sustain a positive mind set throughout.

If this sounds like the program for you or you want to find out more please feel free to drop us a message, email or pop in and ask for Bobby.

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