Peak Physique Programme

One Life, One Chance

Peak Physique is an elite results-based program designed to get you in photoshoot condition with the end goal of getting you ready to be shot by Shaun Barry – Irelands leading fitness photographer.

The 12-week program will challenge and change you for the better, physically and also mentally. Peak Performance’s elite level coaching is focused on taking you to a level you have never been to – if this interests you, all you have to do is click apply.


Candidate Requirements


1. Previous Training Experience

Candidates must have prior experience weight training and must be in a position to train at an expected high level once the program starts.


2. Appropriate Commitment Levels

Candidates must understand and be willing to commit to what is expected of them in regards to both training and nutrition. Peak physique is not a quick fix program, it is an elite conditioning program designed to get you in to the best body compositional shape you have ever been in.


3. Nutrition Adherence

Nutrition adherence will have to be 100% on the program. Follow a detailed plan for the duration of the program with no exceptions.


4. Mental Attitude

Candidates will need to have a strong mental attitude towards there training and nutrition. This program requires a strong mind and a very driven attitude.

Candidate Testimonials