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Peak Performance Academy Online Coaching

Peak Performance Academy Online Coaching Service is a premium elite level service that caters for the training and nutritional needs of clients who want to educate themselves and drive toward achieving their desired results. Our philosophy is based on science-based principles, constant education of both coaches and our clients and delivering the real “Coaching Experience” to our clients.

Online Package Options

Elite Online Training & Nutritional Coaching
The training and nutritional service combined is for people who already have an adequate understanding of movement, exercise selections and who are competent in performing techniques of movements efficiently.

With your own current understanding and our experienced guidance you will aim to excel further and achieve all training and performance related goals you have.
Online Nutritional Coaching
The nutritional coaching package is for people of all abilities from a beginner who just wants to create healthier eating habits, to an athlete who wants to improve performance, to physique competitors who need to be at the elite level of body composition percentages. With highly experienced nutritional coaches who between them have competed in elite levels of sport, competed in physique competitions and have trained hundreds of clients with extremely unique goals on both ends of the spectrum from beginners to athletes’s.