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TYL Pt. 10/10 – Whats Next?

Our last stage of the transforming your lifestyle series, and for most people who make it this far – this is the most crucial step. Whats next? You have three choices – forwards, maintenance, and backwards. Avoiding the latter is crucial. The first step here is psychologically deciding do you […]

TYL Pt 8/10: Putting It All Together – Chasing Your Result

Now that we have discussed the majority of the factors you need to address in order to transform your lifestyle, lets discuss putting together the pieces now. We have habits, strength training, cardiovascular work, nutrition, support networks, and mindset amongst other things discussed but now we need to mould it […]

TYL 7/10: Learn “HOW” To Train First

The next part of our transformation series delves in to the concepts of training. Now firstly, before ever worrying about “whats the best thing for me to do” , how much should I be doing or should I be doing more etc – you need to LEARN HOW to train […]

TYL 6/10: Achieving Nutritional Consistency Over Time

Our next step in the Transforming Your Lifestyle series is about achieving nutritional consistency over time. We should all know now at this stage that results, and results that will last in the long term will take time and patience. Anything that promises you quick results, is a scheme aimed […]

Transforming Your Lifestyle 1/10: What Is Your Why

What Is Your Reason “Why Before setting out to transform your lifestyle, your health, your habits, your body composition or whatever your motive may be – you first need to understand what your “why” is. It sounds very “hippy” like and most people would laugh at the idea of it, […]