I Want Results, Where Do I Start?

So when it comes to starting out. Regardless if its training or nutrition related or a combination of both, it can be very confusing for people if they don’t know where to start. There is easy access to information, especially with the power of social media however most people don’t know if the advice/information they have received is true or if its fault. This leads so a cycle of having doubts and suspicions about everything you hear and makes it very difficult for you when deciding where to start. So in this article we look to give you steps you can apply that will help you get great results if applied:


It may be strange to see this placed first, however any lasting results will because of your mindset. It doesn’t matter what you try in regards nutrition or training if you don have to mindset to change, to make sacrifices, to stay disciplined when times get hard and to genuinely WANT nothing more then be successful. Key points here are:

  • Positive self talk is critical, practice it.
  • You must want to achieve your goal, more then you want all lives short term pleasures (parties, alcohol etc). This can be part of a plan, but it needs to be structured and planned.
  • Your belief system: if you have tried to lose weight before and have failed repeatedly, your belief system is most likely damaged. Setting yourself up to achieve some small wins at the beginning will help build this up
  • Understand it isn’t always going to be easy, but it will most certainly be worth it


Secondly, start here. When starting out, getting results will be determined by the habits you build with food.

  • Calories are king. Focus here, and do not worry about anything until you have grasped this.
  • Find your maintenance intake, then set a small deficit or surplus
  • Find a method that works for you: meal plan, my fitness pal, food diary etc
  • Get used to doing it 7 days a week, not Monday to Friday
  • You do not need cheat meals or re-feeds for a long time, cheat meals can reinstall a poor food relationship
  • Get as many nutrients in to you as possible (fruit and veg are superb)
  • Keep protein high, this is essential for any physique related goal. The person with the most muscle at the end will look the best, regardless if you are 75 or 20.


  • Learn how to lift weights properly. This is not going to a class or doing a home workout, get proper coaching. If you learn incorrectly at the start, you are making things more difficult for yourself. Weightlifting is a skill that needs to be taught.
  • MOVE. Walk 8,500 steps a day. This is not exercise or training, this is a mandatory for be a healthy person. This should be the bare minimum every day.
  • Aim to train for at least 45mins 3x times per week.
  • Avoid HIIT when starting out, you need to manage stressors, not add another very HIGH stressor.

Health Markers and Accountability

What gets measured, gets managed.

  • Track morning bodyweight, use progress pictures
  • Track Waking Resting Heart Rate (instant heart rate is a free phone app) – aim to be below 60
  • Track blood pressure: if this is chronically elevated, you will be in a chronic stressed state
  • Get a coach. Accountability is everything. If you are only answering to yourself, you will eventually start making excuses and justifications when things get hard and you start getting sloppy or lazy. Even coaches have coaches.

Investing more toward everything at the start will get you BETTER RESULTS faster, and save yourself money in the long term as opposed to having to re-start over and over again because of repetitive failure.