Every Dieting System Applies The Same Logic: There Is No Special Secret


There is no special secrets with nutrition, whats different is the way in which an individual is thought – its the education thats different. Unfortunately this is also the part most systems lack. Most people just follow things, and they have no idea why they are. All they know is they “can or can’t” eat certain foods, usually this is dictated by a scoring system, they know they have to weigh in and are nearly afraid to do so because they don’t understand the mechanisms at play, they follow what they are told because the community there listening to has the authority here and most people don’t have the knowledge base to question them on anything stated. Its just taken for granted that anything said is truthful.

If you are reading this, do you know WHY you are doing what you are doing, or are you just doing what your told?

There is nothing thats “special” that only certain people know when it comes to nutrition. Nothing I say is special nor will it ever be. I am just passionate about teaching people in a way I believe is right – a way in which they are in control over food, their relationship with food doesn’t control their emotions and food isn’t something that causes them stress. Ultimately it allows the person to be HAPPY. Its certainly not the only way, but its a way that truly cares for an individuals well being.

What I’m not a fan of is people being afraid of certain foods, having a fear of instantly gaining fat, being anxious because of social events, or binge eating and then punishing themselves. Im not a fan of people not being educated on HOW to eat, but being told WHAT to eat. You have completely taken away someones power by doing this.

The end result here is always the same – no motivation left, falling off track, having no belief in themselves and having a terrible relationship toward food. This can then spiral in to huge psychological issues for people thats very hard to come back from.

Nutrition can be as simple as you make it. All systems are designed to do ONE thing – for you to control your calories or eat less. High calories foods are demonised, and lower calorie foods are positively exaggerated. Systems involve points, scores, fancy names and demonising foods which in turn makes you eat less. Unfortunately this makes people also afraid of those higher calorie foods – think peanut butter, oils, dark chocolate or anything fancier. People nearly shake at their knees with the though of eating these foods, these are in turn the foods that they are food focused on because they feel they cant have them. These are also the foods that once indulged in, also turn in to an all out binge.

But why not get people to just understand calories? Where they can the decide for themselves what they want to eat once they just stay within or meet their target? This gives someone the power to eat freely, regardless of where they are or what they are doing without the fear of self destructing.

These are just my thoughts on what a health thought process toward food should be like, but hey…. Maybe I am wrong, but maybe somebody will benefit.