TYL 7/10: Learn “HOW” To Train First

The next part of our transformation series delves in to the concepts of training. Now firstly, before ever worrying about “whats the best thing for me to do” , how much should I be doing or should I be doing more etc – you need to LEARN HOW to train first.

Weight training is not as simple as stepping in to class and moving weights from A to B. Cardiovascular training is not as simple as hoping on the stair master and cruising along while you sweat a little. Weight training is a skill that must incorporate a persons biomechanics, muscular recruitment, correct loading and control and must be programmed accordingly to allow someone to progress over time. Sounds fancy doesn’t? Its not really, it just requires proper coaching and some patience on your part. Cardiovascular training is indeed that – “training”. You need to work within the right intensities and heart rate zones and you need to find the sweet spot where it complements your other training and your goals, because you can do too little AND you can do too much.

Training provides a stimulus – then we adapt to the stimulus. Without stimulation or adaption we wont get a result.

You need to provide the right stimulus, to get the adaptation you want.

Spending an initial period of time at the beginning learning the fundamentals and skill of training, while experimenting and finding out what works best for you and what you enjoy the most will pay off massively in the long term.

How many people do you know who always seem to be “training” and have been doing so for years, possibly as long as you have known them – but STILL look the same and don’t seem to get any results. Ever wonder why?

Showing up and going through the motions, is not the same as showing up and doing what is right to progress so you can leave the gym knowing you have made a step forward toward achieving your goal. It takes structure, programming and execution from you to do so. The rate you will progress will speed up ten fold. You are making that initial investment in learning, that your future self will thank you for.

A point I will finish on which is something I want you to think about –

If you are going to invest all the hours and time in to going to and back from the gym or training sessions, wouldn’t it make sense to MAKE SURE you are doing things right and not just “hoping” that they will turn out how you want. Stop playing the guessing game, and make sure the time you are investing in training is going to pay off.

Learn first. Then progress faster.