Transforming Your Lifestyle 4/10: Being Realistic With Your Goals, Timeframe & Environment

Now that we have all our foundations in place and we have a grasp on what will have an impact for us on the nutrition front, most people would jump straight to “what way will I train” or straight to the exercise part. However, before we move to that there is an important variable that must be understood first.

Put simply you have goals, that is why you are reading this and that is why you are looking to improve your lifestyle. Goals are a great and exciting thing that everyone should have, but you need to understand them first. You need to understand your current situation and starting point and you need to assess the realism and timeframe needed for your goal. For example, if you are a busy parent who hasn’t exercised or done much in years and you have large amounts of body fat to lose, having the goal of getting a toned stomach in 10 weeks my not be realistic. However don’t get me wrong, its not the goal thats unrealistic – it is the timeframe, and the time frame is also effected by your environment as it will impact the time, devotion and sacrifice you can give to the goal (your environment is lack of time due to being a busy parent, lack of knowledge as you have been inactive for years, and most likely have a lot of poor habits that need to be addressed first). The goal may be in fact achievable, but instead of thinking 10 weeks – think 30 or 40 weeks. This sounds very unappealing to most as everyone wants results ASAP, but this is why people miss out on achieving the GREAT feats that they could achieve – lack of patience.

Maybe you need to change your view point also, instead of thinking time frame (30 weeks), start thinking of lifestyle, health, community and enjoyment. Time and time again, I’ve seen peoples lives change when they look at training and food as a means of looking after their health rather then a means to just look good at the beach. Little do they realise, when you start looking after your health exceptionally well – it shows in your body and your body composition. You feel great but you look great too. There is a domino effect. Unfortunately people too often go the other way, they work 40-60 hours a week, have kids, have poor habits and a poor knowledge base yet try to achieve massive drops in body fat to achieve results as fast as possible – these goals take crazy sacrifices and ones that most likely negatively impact health, energy, mood and well being. They crash and burn, and lose motivation because they feel like a failure. However they just simply had a poor choice of time frame and goal when paired with their current life situation. Do not be this person. Be real.

Nothing is more important then health. It doesn’t matter how big your goal is.

We have outline some actionable points that you can take away, think about and hopefully use in a manner that have a positive impact on your life.

Actionable Steps:

  1. Set a realistic time frame and work BACKWARDS from there setting smaller goals and landmarks. This makes the timeframe seem smaller and more appealing.
  2. Acknowledge your life situation and environment – and set yourself up AROUND that so it will work with you not against you. (Are you a parent, do you work crazy hours, can you sleep and mange stress well – you need to be aware of this)
  3. Don’t skip the basics. Learn the nutrition and training fundamentals at the start. The best results come from mastering the basics – not the fancy stuff that can go horribly wrong.
  4. Sometimes a change of view point may be needed – base your goals on improving health, well being and performance rather then a number on a scale and a body image in your head
  5. Set yourself up to WIN. Don’t skip the importance of “prepping yourself” before you even start a journey. Starting in a better place, always less to better results then rushing in and getting lost from the start.