Transforming Your Lifestyle 2/10: Planning & Investing Wisely

After following part ones piece on finding your reason “why”, you now need to have a plan and invest your time wisely. Unfortunately this is step most people fall down on. People have false perceptions of what they need to do to achieve their goals, often leading them down an unsuccessful path. For example you want to lose fat, so you look for the quickest fix and fall for all the nutrition industries false promises. You also make yourself do endless amounts of cardio or fitness classes because you think you “have to”. Sweat classes will always sell, but unfortunately sweat will not always get results. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fitness classes, they have there place – but they should be done in combination with nutritional education and coaching from a skilled and educated coach.

That draws up the next point. Invest in worthwhile help. Most people shy away from the commitment of putting their time, money and effort in to guidance and help and tend to try and do it themselves. What they end up doing is a exercise routine that doesn’t get results and doesn’t last and the make irrational and illogical decisions with their food intake, behaviours and habits leading them on their way to becoming demotivated and eventually giving up. The time, money and effort you waste on all these failed efforts, if added up would end up saving you time and money if you had get proper help from the onset. You would also end up with results, lasting education and be in a much happier position.

30euro per week over 24 weeks = 720euro with failure

60euro per week over 12 weeks = 720euro with a result

You save money weekly, but it balances out long term except you don’t get the benefit of the result.

If your car was broken, you wouldn’t assume you knew how to fix it and not go to a mechanic. You would pay what it takes. Why do you assume you know whats wrong with your fitness, nutrition and health and assume you can fix it? You would invest in your car, but not your health.

You always need to have a plan in place to work off of as a guide. You need to have a nutritional structure, and the education and habits to go with it that allow you to be in control. You also need to have a training structure that fits your life, helps you achieve your goal, and makes sure you PROGRESS. If you don’t have a plan, you are only doing random things and hoping to wake up one day with your result – unlikely to happen. If you have a plan that covers all variables, then its as simple as you ticking off your fitness and nutrition “to do list” or “boxes” on a daily and weekly basis which will ensure you achieve your goal.

If you always seek the cheap and easy route where you have to do as little as work possible, you will get the result you work for – none.

Change the way you think, and your perception of how you invest yourself in to the process of change. Then the result will be different.