Transforming Your Lifestyle 1/10: What Is Your Why

What Is Your Reason “Why

Before setting out to transform your lifestyle, your health, your habits, your body composition or whatever your motive may be – you first need to understand what your “why” is.

It sounds very “hippy” like and most people would laugh at the idea of it, but it is the stepping stone needed for any progress to be made. Why the majority of general population don’t get results is because they go through the motions, they go to some classes with friends, don’t bother too much with their food control, engage in excessive social life patterns and end up spending months/years going around in circles achieving zero results.

Changing your lifestyle, your physique, or even your career or personal life doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t matter how much you want it to or how quick you want it to happen – the reality is it takes time. Knowing this, when we then look at human behaviour the longer something takes and the more patience that is required, the more likely some is to become demotivated over time. Hence why people “fall off the wagon”, or go back in to old habits that they are comfortable in (think about getting that frozen quick food out of the freezer when you are tired after a days work and don’t want to cook – COMFORT!).

So what happens when motivation becomes low? Because no matter how advanced you are, motivation is never always present. Everyone has low days. This brings us back to “what is your why?”. If you have a reason why, this can step in when motivation is low. It gives you a reason. There is no doubt when motivation drops, you will ask yourself why you’re doing something, or say to yourself “is it even worth it”. If you have no reason or purpose in your mind, then its almost a certainty you will not stay on track with your goals, and with what you said you were going to do.

Your “why” doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t need to be a fitness model, or a weightlifter, or a sports athlete nor do you need to want to be. It could simply be examples such as:

  • I want be able to play with my kids without being out of breath
  • I want to do a days work without any back pain
  • I want to be confident in myself at social events
  • I want a good quality of life as I get older
  • I want more energy and I want to feel alive
  • I want to be fit and healthy to see my kids get married

These are all real goals, for real people. You don’t have to have superstar goals nor do you have to seek perfection. Anything strike a cord with you? These could all be your why. Without being fit and healthy and looking after yourself, you will most likely be unable to do all of what I have listed above.

Lets put it in context:

You at 7pm after a long days work: “Maybe ill skip the gym today as its been a busy day”

You to you 2 minutes later: “I want to be able to play ball with my kids without being out of breath”.

The likelihood is you will now go and train, and feel much better for it.

Step 1 – Find your reason why for what you do. When motivation is low, let this take its place. This will be the foundation your future progress will be built on.