Training For Health – A Route To Change Your Body Composition





Why cant “health” be the reason you train and eat right?

Why most people take up fitness –

  1. To look better
  2. To get a toned stomach
  3. To look well for an upcoming social event e.g a wedding
  4. To copy a social media inspiration
  5. To chase how they looked pre kids, adulthood and a stressful career

All completely legitimate reasons in there own right and there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of them but why is it always the only focus?

In my experience, only a handful from hundreds come in to the fitness world with improving their health as their main driver of motivation. There is some people who are motivated by such, but not many.

The truth is that EVERYBODY wants look better. We are in a world where if anyone was offered a chance to change something about themselves in order to achieve their “ideal” look for free they would, and also in a world where most people take their health for granted and overlook it for the most part.

Most people have probably tried more “fad” quick fix diets that promised them their fast route to fat loss then the amount of times they have got medical check ups and blood work done.

We are in a massively driven body image related society, which is perfectly fine – but don’t let looking great be your only focus.

When you stop using just the scales, photos and your own mental image as your ONLY source of tracking progress and branch out your focus to other variables, you will achieve things at a much more beneficial rate.

Questions the most people never ask themselves:

1. Do you know what your resting heart rate is?

2. What your blood pressure is?

3. Have you strength and stability throughout your body that allows you to safely play with your kids?

4. Can you go through a day without abusive stimulant use and indulging on chocolate to boost your low mood?

5. Do you sleep and is it good quality sleep?

6. Do you manage yourself and still have genuine aspirations in life?

If you controlled your calories and trained to achieve your physique and aesthetic goals like you would normally, but also achieved a lower heart rate and blood pressure, and you had quality deep sleep, created some time for yourself daily and completely lowered your stress –

Don’t you think all your fat loss and muscle building goals would happen a lot easier?

Yes, they would – and looking great would come as a byproduct of looking after your health.

Focus more on your health and well being as well as food and training – you’ll reap the rewards ten fold.