What Drives Us To Succeed

We all want something out of our lives like the butler said in the Bond movies “You only live once.

As we search for our passion in live we have to ask ourselves “What is our Why”. I always use the analogy attack every day with purpose whatever you are trying to do always have a purpose.

In life we are constantly setting goals for ourselves and sometimes achieving them and a lot of the time we don’t. The people who succeed I think they know there why and also they have a purpose in the actions that they are taking. Too often we just set a goal and don’t really know why we want it. The internal emotional attachment to the goal is really what we have to figure out first. Why do we want it , Why did we set it in the first place what triggered it what emotion. Every goal should have a emotion that set it in the first place.

So today I ask you what is your why. You only live once and if you want to put a little stamp
on your life you will achieve what ever your mind and body believes because you have set a target that has a emotional attachment. People who succeed have that internal drive that is driven by emotion and also they set out there plan step by step to reach the goal. When you set goals they should never be a sprint they should be a journey where you take in the scenery along the way and also you will have a little pit stop here and there nothing is ever in a straight line.

People who succeed don’t have it all there own way. They fall down and have loads of setbacks but the difference is they keep fighting keep driving forward because success does not happen over night.

Know your why and there is the start line.

Peak Performance Academy