10 Points That May Change Your Fitness & Nutrition Views

This Articles Objective: Be Willing To Accept That Some Of Your Beliefs May Be False

In todays world in regards fitness and nutrition, there is a constant appearance of magical reasonings that will get you fast amazing results. With things such as super foods, detox teas, fat based diets to eliminate body fat, fat burning exercises and body sculpt programmes its no wonder why the general population are unsure of what information is false and what is actually true.

In many cases people will have their own beliefs about certain topics. Things may have worked for them so they have a bias toward that concept, however the same method might do very little to help a different person. People can get very emotionally attached to certain beliefs in regards to things such as food, nutritional habits, training and types of exercise. If a person then comes and debates their views or beliefs, the individual then feels insulted or attacked in some way. Below are 10 points they may change or at least attempt to change your views in regards what works in the fitness world:

  1. Bread does not cause weight gain. Calories do. If you lost weight cause you cut out bread, it is because you cut out the excess calories consumed from bread – not the actual bread itself.
  2. Having butter in your coffee does not make you burn fat for the day, nor is it bullet proof. You actually just added a pile of calories to your coffee, making the chances of you over eating on that day and actually gaining fat much more likely.
  3. Sweating does not burn fat. Just because you are dripping sweat after 60 mins of cardio does not mean you incinerated your body fat. Sweat is just the bodies way of cooling itself down. Fat loss is achieved by a constant calorie deficit, so if you over eat every day it is irrelevant how much you sweat you will not lose fat.
  4. There is no such thing as a super food that speeds your metabolism up and makes you burn fat faster. There is one thing that can burn fat – a calorie deficit. You can eat all the avocado in the world, but eat too much and you will gain fat.
  5. Most products/services that start with “quick”, “fast”, “fix” among other marketable words are usually the start of someone trying to sell you something. These selling methods want to capitalise on your vulnerabilities to make a profit, and in most cases are not true evidence.
  6. Just because your social media inspiration with 60,000 followers posted about it doesn’t mean its true. “Social influencers” get paid to market products. If these people produce very little content, and only document about themselves then it is unlikely what they are trying to SELL you is legitimate and credible. Social influencers can still be wrong at any time.
  7. Weights do not make you bulky or fat. Calories do. If you started lifting weights and you feel you have gotten bigger in certain areas too quickly, it is most likely down to eating too much and gaining too much body fat too quickly. Trust me it is not that easy to just gain muscle after 6 weeks of learning how to lift weights.
  8. Calories count on the weekends and at social events. Your body does not care if it is Saturday night or if its Marie from down the streets wedding party – if you binge eat and over consume for days on end you will gain fat, regardless if you feel you “deserve it” or not.
  9. Prioritise quality sleep. All the best things happen when you recover and let your body do its thing. Gaining muscle, loosing fat – all processes which work best when your body is looked after. Training after 2 hours sleep isn’t cool because it makes you “hardcore”. Sleep is cool.
  10. Actually learning and spending time on educating yourself about how to eat is the best thing you will ever do. It may be expensive to start out, but it will save you all the money you will spend on detox teas, quick fix and magical programmes in the future that wont get you results. It will also save you time, frustration and effort.