5 Tips To Achieve Your New Years Fitness Goals

1. Have A Plan & Create Accountability

Have a plan to achieve your goals before 2018 starts. If you don’t it could very well end up that January passes you by, then February passes you by and then next thing you know its the middle of 2018 and you are still in the exact same position as he previous year. Set up a plan as to how you will achieve your fitness goals, both training wise and nutritionally before 2018 starts. Then go about your plan, and pre-pay and sign up to your plan and set a start date. This creates commitment and you have put some skin in the game so to speak – you are already one step on your way toward making progress instead of waiting around and letting time pass you by.

2. Invest Properly and Prioritise Your Goals

If you look for the cheapest gym, with the cheapest programs and the cheapest coaches then you will get that level of quality with your results. Cheaper prices reflect quality, and the lower quality you invest in equals lower quality results and return on your investment. Your main source of decision making is based on price, which means your fitness goals are not as important to you as you may think. Invest in quality, and save yourself time, money and effort in the long run. Make your health, and goals a number one priority for 2018.

3. Be Willing To Make Lifestyle Changes

If you are hoping to get results you have never achieved before, then the trade off is you will have to change your previous exercise habits, your nutritional habits, how often and how much you socialise through food and alcohol consumption and in a lot of cases you will have to also alter your social circle. If you are a person who states they have tried to get fitter or tried to achieve a fitness related goal but always seem to fail, have you genuinely committed to changing the above variables? If not, then you have probably found the root cause of why you have failed in the past. This is also where you will most likely need to be honest with yourself. Commit, take action and make the changes needed.

4. Accept That Others Including Your Closest Ones May Not Understand

Making all the above lifestyle changes is something that is required in abundance at the start as people want larger results to begin with. Once the initial phase is over, then down the line more flexible habits can be introduced, however in the onset improving health has to be the main focus. You will often be talked down or spoken negatively toward by others who either don’t understand, or are envious of what you are doing. Often these people would have the same desires as you to change, but aren’t ready to commit like you have so what you are doing will trigger them, and they may unintentional try to bring you down so they can feel more adequate in themselves, This is just normal human behaviour and psychology, and in most cases people generally have good intentions and don’t even realise they are doing it. You just have to be ready for it, and keep your goals your priority.

5. Stop Believing Social Medias Myths and Marketing Plots

Stop spending money on super foods, detox teas, fat loss DVDs or a quick fix 3 week magical program that your social media inspiration has sold you online. Stop looking for a quick fix, if you have had years of negative habits and behaviours it will take time and patience to get the results you want. The longer and increasingly negative your behaviours were and current position is, the longer it may take to achieve your results. Fitness is for the long term, and that will forever be the way it is. The best thing you can do is adequately educate yourself on nutrition and training, find methods you like, enjoy and can sustain easily – then strap yourself in, enjoy the process and commit to the long game like everyone else who has achieved results before you.